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the connection meets Sunday evenings at 6pm and is one of the communities that make up the Emmanuel Baptist Church family.
With a belief in equality and an appreciation for diversity, the connection community is a group of people who are working out what it means to be shaped by the values of Jesus Christ and then to emulate His life and teachings.  One distinctive of the connection community is that we gather weekly around the communion table.
The weekly gatherings are the main representation of the INHALE part of our vision. Our Sunday evening gatherings follow a three-part rhythm:
Coming Together–the whole community–all ages–come together to sing, consider a presentation of a scripture, prayer and community news   
The Teaching–an exploration of a piece of scripture, its context, message and its application 
The Response–the time in which the community is given the opportunity to reflect on the teaching and ‘speak back’ to God.  During this time there is opportunity to engage God through a variety of response stations around the worship space.  At the centre of the response time is The Lord’s Supper (Eucharist, Communion) which serves as a weekly reminder of both the invitation to follow Jesus and the call to become His hands and feet for the world.  (Behold what you are, become what you receive.)


To help orient you to our worship gathering, here’s a summary of some important items around our worship space:

Candle & Cross
The cross is the central symbol of mercy in the world, a reminder of God’s forgiveness, grace, and love. The tall candle on the cross symbolizes Jesus’ presence. The prominence of the cross and candle reminds us that Jesus is the source of our worship.

Musical Instruments
We sing during our gathering because music helps connect us with Jesus in ways spoken word doesn’t. In singing we join the tradition of the ancients in singing praise to and about God. We believe that music worship isn’t a performance for the congregation, but rather the work of the people who together express praise to Jesus, the true audience. Because of this, our musicians are arranged on stage as participants in the community’s singing.

Table, Bread, Cup (Communion, Eucharist, Lord’s Supper)
Jesus’ blood was shed to cleanse us of sin.  Jesus’ body was broken and bruised to heal your soul. If you’re in need of cleansing and your soul needs healing, come to the table. Our bread is gluten and lactose free so that all may partake of the same loaf of bread.

Offering station
We believe that more than a specific amount, one’s offering should be a response to who God is and what God is leading you to give. If you’ve come with an offering or you’re prompted to give during worship, you’re invited to take it to one of the two offering boxes located at the back of the sanctuary near the doors.

Prayer box/prayer lounge
At the foot of the cross is a white box with paper and pens. During the communion/response time you’re invited to come to this space and consider the mercy of Jesus, and write a prayer and leave it in the box. At the back of the sanctuary in the overflow area, we’ve created a place for you to pray during the response/communion portion of our gathering. We will ensure that there is at least one other person available if you’d like someone to pray with you.

As a congregation of Emmanuel Baptist Church, we exist to fully love God and all people. As we journey this way, we seek to connect with God, one another and our world.


We seek to know and follow Jesus.  We believe that as we follow him, Jesus changes us and transforms us into the people God created us to be.   As a community, there are certain Jesus-centred principals that frame our journey together.  Principals aren’t rules, they’re guideposts we want to keep in view wherever we are and whatever we do as the connection:

Shalom with Creator
Are we moving in right relationship with our Creator?

Shalom with God’s Creation
How does our living reflect that “the earth is God’s and everything in it?”  Do we live aware that Creation is a gift to treasure and care for?

Shalom with Ourselves
God Created humankind in God’s own image. Are we living in such a way as to care for ourselves as people uniquely and wonderfully made by our Creator?

Shalom with Our Neighbour
We have been called to live as pictures of Jesus in the world where we live. Therefore we strive for relationships marked out by generous love, grace, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, encouragement and support.  Believing that Jesus demonstrated how this is done, we seek to extend this generosity to all people wherever we meet them – next door, downtown, around the world.