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 INHALE | Gathering as Community

We value being together as often as possible.  One of the ways Jesus shapes his people is by speaking through community.  One of the ancient traditions described in the Bible and demonstrated through the life of the church is the journeying people of God worshipping God together.  So when we gather we anticipate growing toward Jesus as a people. 


“Inhale” is described in our context as any time the whole connection community gets together .  The most regular “inhale” experience is our Sunday evening worship gathering, but we also have feasts and parties throughout the year.

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EXHALE | Living as Dispersed Community

We believe that Jesus taught and demonstrated that all of life is to be a reflection of God’s vision that His Kingdom can unfold on earth as it is in heaven.  To put it a different way, following Jesus means more than once-a-week Sunday get-togethers.  Exhale in this context describes how we live as a dispersed community between Sundays.
Another important expression of the Exhale part of our rhythm are our local and global ministry partners.